Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Never Say Never

I woke up this morning around 4:20 a.m. I was so weak and tired...i was about standing up but i gat no strength to do so. So, i had no other choice than to remain there for sometime.

Then i started thinking...many things running through my mind. The first thing i thought of was about my life. I asked myself: who are you? Where are you now and where will you be in the next 15yrs? 15yrs later what will you become? Is it what you desire that you'll become? Ok, what if your dreams doesn't come true, what will you do? Then i smiled...i don't even know where to start from.

That reminds me of a man i met at Lagos Island. I was at the Lagos Island to get some goods i needed...you know how big it is..lots of shops, market, different faces...both dark and fair, fat and thin, tall and short, old and young...*smiles*

Well, i do have customers there..so i went straight up to a man i know...an Igboman to be precise. I greeted him and requested for the things i needed... On the longway, he brought up a topic. He was talking about education. How it affects one's life positively and negatively.

He said "not everyone in this world that goes to school and succeed. But it all depends on your determination and hardwork. Always think big, work towards it and achieve it. NEVER SAY NEVER!"...Hmmm..inspiring!

Along the line, he said something kinda funny. He said he wants to go back to school...i was like "hun! You? Go back to school? At this age? You must be joking". He replied "it has not ended until it has ended, NEVER SAY NEVER!".
He said he has that ambition and determination to go back to school.
Mehn! I was challenged in my spirit. And i asked myself "if a man at the age of 38 still has that ambition to go back to school, then why can't i achieve my goal".

Immediately, i held up to what he said "NEVER SAY NEVER". If you have this 3 words in your spirit, soul and body, then you can achieve anything you want to. No matter how big it is . Cos, "everything is possible only for those who believe."

So, in what so ever thing you do or you find yourself doing, always hold up to these 3 words "NEVER SAY NEVER!".

Wow! So inspiring, right? Before leaving, what do have to say about this? Or what would you like to contribute. Also, if you ask questions, feel free to ask below...

I love you all...*kisses*